NetVUE Online Community Network

The Community Network site is an access-controlled site for NetVUE members only. Through the site, leaders of member campuses can do the following:

  • Share documents, audio, and video files;
  • View or download video recordings and PowerPoint presentations from NetVUE conferences and gatherings;
  • Browse print and digital resources, including books, movies, and course syllabi; and
  • Participate in the NetVUE discussion board.

The site requires members to log in, using the email address that is associated with their CIC account. (You have a CIC account if you have ever registered or applied for any NetVUE opportunity or event, or those of any other CIC program.) The Community Network site includes options for checking to see whether you have an account, and for retrieving your password if you don’t know it. If you are able to log in and are not automatically taken to the NetVUE Community, click the “Communities” tab and see whether NetVUE is listed under “My Communities.” If not, please send an email to and include your full name, title, and institution. You will be added to the roster of NetVUE community members and will then be notified that you have access to the full site.