An Introduction to Core Education: Transforming the Business Model for CIC Institutions

November 16, 2023, 2:00 pm Webinar

CIC recently announced our Corporate Affiliate program to guarantee members unique, high-quality services at a discount aimed at addressing critical issues for members. We know senior leaders are leading the charge to move institutions into a more prosperous state and that more internal data and tailored approaches can be helpful. Core Education has a promising solution to this business model transformation, and they have entered into an agreement with CIC to provide special pricing and opportunities for members.

Core’s exclusive offers to CIC’s members focus on long-term financial health.

The Core Prosperity Study

A prosperity study is a 60-day collaborative project that reviews key revenue and expenses, as well as your technology and capital strategies. CIC members access this service at a contractually guaranteed “best fee” representing a 15–20 percent discount versus non-CIC members. From this two-month study, institutions gain clarity on the top data-backed strategies to save money and grow revenue.

Complimentary Board Development

Core has identified that board involvement is key to advancing new strategies. CIC members will have access to a free-standing board training workshop designed by Core to educate board members on financial fundamentals, complexities, and opportunities (note: there is limited availability for this offering). For boards who need a realistic understanding of the sector and their role in your institution’s success, this is a fee-waived opportunity exclusively available to CIC members.

CIC members are invited to an overview on November 16 at 2:00 p.m. (ET) to learn about these offerings. In our conversation, Core will cover:

  • How to secure board support for investing in a new approach for long-term success
  • Options that go beyond shared services while avoiding the pitfalls and false hopes of mergers
  • Their unique, comprehensive approach to business model transformation in partnership with a campus’s senior team and board
  • Core’s innovative use of venture philanthropy to fund institutional change

This session will be heavy on Q&A discussion and light on slides. This conversation is open to presidents, CFOs, and chief of staffs, with encouragement to invite your board leaders as well.

This overview will feature Kamalika Sandell, president of Core Education; Matt Trainum, vice president for networks and strategic partnerships at CIC; Marjorie Hass, president of CIC; and Rick Beyer, executive chairman of Core Education, former college president, board chair, business CEO and former board member and senior fellow at AGB. Lastly, Core has agreed to one additional and notable benefit for CIC members: Core will provide a full credit of the cost of the prosperity study to institutions that select to engage in a multi-year partnership. Core has never made such an offer before, and this offer is only available to active CIC members.