Annual Report

Strategic Directions for 2021–2022

In May 2022, the CIC Board of Directors affirmed a set of strategic focus areas to guide future decision making and programming. CIC President Marjorie Hass guided the development of these focus areas that are grounded in internal and external data about the state of independent higher education, extensive feedback from CIC members, and an operational review of CIC’s capacities and opportunities. Over the next several years, President Hass and the CIC staff will use these focus areas to improve member services and programs. The focus areas are intended to guide but not constrain. CIC will remain responsive to unexpected opportunities and to the changing needs of CIC campuses and emergent member priorities.

When presenting the focus areas to the Board, President Hass said, “These four focus areas are important in that our members increasingly look to us for leadership and solutions to pressing problems. In this period of rapid economic and cultural change, when our campuses and their leaders are under significant stress, CIC has a unique opportunity to leverage the shared strength of our diverse sector to create meaningful solutions.”

CIC is one of only six national higher education presidential associations and the only one to focus explicitly on supporting the practice of independent college and university leadership. CIC member institutions currently enroll more than 2 million students on more than 660 campuses across the United States and the world.

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