Work-Based Learning Consortium

Students face multiple barriers to finding meaningful work-based learning experiences and internships based on location, skills, personal obligations, social capital, and more.

CIC and Riipen have joined forces in a multi-year project to ease these barriers and create more equitable and accessible work-based learning opportunities for students at 25 CIC member institutions. This collaboration aims to integrate work-based learning opportunities into up to 375 courses led by 125 faculty members and impacting up to 11,250 students. The Work-Based Learning Consortium is made possible thanks to generous support from Ascendium Education Group and Strada Education Foundation. 

CIC member institutions will form a community of practice, learning how to incorporate work-based learning into their curricula, and transforming education for thousands of students.

Each selected CIC member institution will:  

  • Access Riipen’s innovative work-based learning platform free of charge (an equivalent value of at least $65,000 over the duration of the project)   
  • Participate in intensive training in integrating work-based learning into a liberal arts curriculum   
  • Engage in a virtual community of practice coordinated by CIC   
  • Equip students with current, in-demand skills required by businesses   
  • Collect data on student outcomes over multiple years  
  • Receive $7,500 in faculty stipends (i.e., $1,500 for each of five faculty champions)   

There will be no additional cost to CIC institutions, faculty members, or students selected to participate in the consortium.

Informational Webinar

Contact Information

Please refer questions about the program to Jane Walters, CIC’s programs coordinator, at