CIC Listservs

PLEASE NOTE: The CIC listservs are for members only.

CIC provides listservs for various campus constituencies. All of the listservs are reserved exclusively for employees from CIC member institutions. If you qualify for a listserv and want to subscribe, send your request in an email (be sure to include your name, title, and institution) to

View the listserv guidelines and best practices.

If you have questions regarding the listservs, please contact Christopher Dodds, CIC senior director of digital communications and strategy, at (202) 466-7230 or

Campus Role Listservs

Presidents Listserv
​Open only to sitting presidents at CIC member institutions.

CAO Listserv
Open only to chief academic officers at CIC member institutions.

Advancement Listserv
Open to development officers at CIC member institutions.

Chairs Listserv
Open to department and division chairs at CIC member institutions.

Chiefs of Staff Listserv
Open to chiefs of staff at CIC member institutions.

Data listserv
​Open to anyone interested in institutional data and research at CIC member institutions.

Deans Listserv
​Open to deans, associate provosts, and other academic officers at CIC member institutions.

Enrollment Listserv
​Open to chief enrollment management officers at CIC member institutions.

Finance Listserv
Open to financial officers at CIC member institutions.

HR Listserv
Open to HR officers at CIC member institutions.

PR Listserv
Open to public relations officers at CIC member institutions.

Presidential Assistant Listserv
Open to the presidential assistant at each CIC member institution.

Presidential Spouse Listserv
Open to spouses and partners of sitting presidents at CIC member institutions.

Student Affairs Listserv
Open to student affairs officers and diversity officers at CIC member institutions.

Network Listservs

Tuition Exchange Program Listserv
Open to tuition exchange program liaisons at participating CIC-TEP institutions.
Learn more about the CIC Tuition Exchange Program.

NetVUE Listserv
Open to members of the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE).
Learn more about NetVUE.

State Councils Listserv
Open to all staff at CIC State Council Member organizations.

Appropriate Use of CIC Listservs

  • Discussion posts should address specific issues or questions. Inappropriate uses include general announcements of events, job vacancies, and other appeals not specific to the community interest.
  • Unacceptable use includes posting harassing or embarrassing messages; sharing sexually explicit images or content; sharing racially, ethnically, or otherwise offensive and discriminatory materials; and posting messages that violate any applicable local, state, national, or international laws.
  • Information or materials protected by copyright can only be shared with permission from the copyright owner and by strict adherence to exceptions found in U.S. copyright law.
  • Caution is warranted when discussing products or services of third parties. Information posted can be subject to libel, slander, and antitrust laws.