Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP)

​​​​​CIC’s Tuition Exchange Program (CIC–TEP) is a network of CIC member colleges and universities that are willing to accept as students, tuition-free, full-time employees and their family members. Each participating institution in the network agrees to import a limited number of students on the same admission basis as they accept all other students, without regard to the number of students it exports.

CIC–TEP began almost 40 years ago when a small group of member presidents suggested that CIC create a program with minimal rules and low fees that they could offer as a benefit to employees. Today, nearly 440 colleges and universities (roughly two-thirds of all CIC Members) from 48 states and five countries are participating. Over the decades, tens of thousands of employees and their spouses and dependents have been able to attend college tuition-free.

Quick Facts

  • The CIC–TEP network consists of a variety of institutions in the U.S. and abroad, including baccalaureate, masters, doctoral research, arts, business, faith-related, health professions, and technology-related specialties. The size of each institution ranges from very small to large.
  • Last year, close to 3,000 students applied for the CIC–TEP benefit.
  • On average, two out of three applicants receive at least one offer of admissions.
  • On average, seven students per participating institution apply to participate in the program annually. There are no limits on export considerations.

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How to Apply​ for Tuition Exchange

Details for Administering the Tuition Exchange Program

  • Overview and Instructions
    For CIC–TEP Liaisons: Instructions for administering the program.
  • Profile Update
    For current or new CIC–TEP Liaisons: Make changes to the institutional profile or liaison officer’s contact information.
  • CIC–TEP Online Portal
    For CIC–TEP Liaisons: Manage all CIC–TEP applications sent and received by your institution.

Special Features of CIC–TEP

CIC–TEP offers many advantages to participating institutions and employees.

  • Full tuition benefit. The CIC–TEP benefit covers the full cost of tuition for students at all participating institutions.
  • No balance requirements. Since there are no limitations on the number of students who can use the benefit, institutions do not need to monitor whether “import” and “export” students are in balance.
  • Broad eligibility for employees. All employees designated as full-time by a participating institution are eligible to receive exchange benefits. There is no need to limit use of the benefit to only certain groups of employees.
  • Spouses and dependents are also eligible. In addition, spouses and dependents of full-time employees may also receive tuition benefits.
  • Enrollment incentive. Students from families of employees at other institutions have an incentive to enroll at participating institutions.
  • No hidden fees. Students can apply to multiple institutions without paying application or placement fees.
  • Flexible study options. In addition to full-time undergraduate study, institutions can allow “import” students to enroll in part-time, graduate, doctoral, online, and/or study-abroad programs.
  • Easy administration. Administering CIC–TEP is easy and can be done through a fully interactive, real-time, online portal, with no added annual reporting requirements.
  • Large network. Currently, nearly 440 colleges in 47 states and seven countries participate in CIC–TEP, giving families a wide range of choice.

New CIC-TEP Members

2021–2022 (for exchanges beginning in the 2022–2023 year)
Goucher College (MD)
Methodist College (IL)
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PA)
Tabor College (KS)

Contact Information

For additional details or questions about CIC–TEP, contact Faith Brown, CIC Tuition Exchange Program manager, at (202) 466-7230 or