CIC Statement on Event Location Selection

CIC, like similar organizations, commits to major event locations several years in advance. As a membership organization, it decides where to hold future events with several key considerations in mind: facilities that can support the needs of the program, ease of transit for participants coming from many regions, and affordability to hold costs to members low.

CIC does not view event location selection as an opportunity to express, or to influence, political positions or policy preferences. Recognizing the independent mindedness for which its member colleges and universities are known, CIC understands that sometimes individuals or institutions may take exception to particular event locations and may choose not to participate in specific programs for that reason. CIC honors such principled decisions.

Serving a broad and diverse community of educators and leaders, CIC will continue to guide location planning from member- and program-centered considerations. Comments from members about event location selection are always welcome and may be addressed to the president of CIC or to any member of the CIC Board of Directors.

Approved by the CIC Board of Directors in 2022

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