Thinking about Vocation in a Time of Pandemic

Last Updated: March 21, 2023


NetVUE occasionally hosts webinars addressing topics of interest and concern to the wider NetVUE community. Many of these responded directly to the pandemic including “Theological Responses to the Pandemic” and “Fighting the Good Fight: Social Justice, Activism, and Vocation” in the summer of 2020 and “Transitions: Navigating our Vocations in an Uncertain Present” and “The Scientific Vocation in a Time of Crisis” in the fall of 2020. In March 2021, the national “Unconference” brought together NetVUE colleagues in online settings and included a session on “Good Enough Pedagogy in a Time of Crisis.”  Recordings of these  webinars can be accessed through this link (please note that the link requires a log-in) and are also available through the NetVUE online library (see the “Digital Media” folder).

Zoom Conversations and Workshops

During the pandemic, NetVUE hosted conversations among administrators, faculty, and staff from the various campuses based on their role or portfolio, e.g. chaplains, directors and staff at centers for vocation and/or career services, and staff working in academic affairs or student affairs. Zoom has also enabled us to host online workshops. Diversity practitioner Nimisha Barton facilitated a workshop on “Bias, Privilege, and Educational Freedom” in October 2020. In February 2022, Patrick Reyes discussed his book The Purpose Gap: Empowering Communities of Color to Find Meaning and Thrive (the NetVUE Big Read text for 2021-2022). These recordings are available through the NetVUE online library (see the “Digitial Media” folder).

If you work at a NetVUE institution and would be interested in participating in (or facilitating) a conversation with colleagues in any of these areas (or others), please contact Lynne Spoelhof, NetVUE program manager, at

Vocation Matters

The NetVUE blog includes posts related to themes of vocation in times of suffering and crisis. View a (regularly updated) list of these resources. Here is a partial list of recent posts that specifically address vocation in a time of pandemic and social upheaval:

Network Online Community: Resources Folder

The NetVUE online community network now includes a folder for materials created by staff and faculty members at NetVUE campuses for use with students during the current pandemic. This folder was continually updated as materials were shared with us. The NetVUE online community requires a login, but anyone who works at a NetVUE member institution can obtain credentials. Click on “Library” and open the folder titled “Discussion Board Documents” in order to access a folder marked “Pandemic-related.” If you are not able to access the online library, please send your name, title, institution, email address, and phone number to Lynne Spoelhof at, and she will provide you with the information to retrieve login credentials.

Websites, Podcasts, and Online Communities

In addition to the resources NetVUE developed, the following online resources are available with relevant content for those who teach undergraduate students or work with them in areas related to vocational reflection and discernment: