Recommended Resources and Materials About the Sector

Stoddard, E.; Ruda, A.; Trieckel, E.; Gallagher, S. 2023. “Getting Started with Microcredentials: A Primer for Higher Education Leaders” (PDF). Northeastern University Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy.

The goal of this brief, from the perspective of researchers and educators with deep experience related to microcredentials, is to synthesize existing insights and best practices to present a high-level primer for deans, provosts, and other senior higher education administrators and academic leaders who are considering the case for microcredentials and looking to get started in offering them. Many existing articles, research resources, and case studies related to microcredentials can be technical in nature or focused on specialized and tactical aspects of these educational innovations—and are often written for audiences such as registrars, IT leaders, or others. The focus here is on strategic considerations for executives at an institutional level.

Cole, K.; Baird Giordano, J.; Hassel, H. 2023. A Faculty Guidebook for Effective Shared Governance and Service in Higher Education. New York, NY: Routledge.

This book bridges the gap between training and work experience, offering a blueprint for academic workers’ effective participation in service and governance in higher education. Unpacking skills of problem solving, critical analysis, politicking, negotiation, coalition building, and emotional labor, this book provides flexible, adaptable strategies that are relevant across institutional settings and that draw from research, experience, and multiple perspectives.

The book’s foreward was written by CIC President Marjorie Hass and highlights the book’s compelling argument that successful shared governance is not only possible but is essential to the success of colleges and universities. The book allows for active engagement where readers are encouraged to carry out the exercises and thought experiments included to foster productive discussions.

Council of Independent Colleges (Ed.) 2023. “CIC Digest of Recent Research.”

CIC began publishing a Digest of Recent Research in Fall 2016. The Digest highlights timely and pertinent research from scholarly journals and other publications that independent college and university presidents and other senior campus leaders may find helpful. With generous support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, CIC published the eleventh edition in August 2023.