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For 10 years Mainstay has proven, alongside University partners, how to increase enrollment and increase retention. Mainstay delivers AI-enabled student engagement that combines proactive, timely guidance for students via text message, and answers questions from students automatically 24/7.  Mainstay’s unique work with leading national researchers in mindset and behavioral science, and social emotional techniques, has created messaging already written for partners. This research-backed approach is proven to drive student action to complete key milestones like meeting with their advisor or filing the FAFSA, helping to increase enrollment and retention at colleges and universities, all without adding extra work for University teams.

Exclusive CIC Member Benefit

Mainstay will provide to CIC institutional members a savings off pricing for similar sized institutions for fully managed services as follows:

  • 25% for the first year of service;
  • 15% off the second year of service; and
  • 10% of the third year of service.

Mainstay is committed to the collaborative benefits of serving the CIC sector. This listed savings is off of what like institutions are actively paying and is contractually guaranteed with Mainstay providing documentation to show the veracity of the savings.

A Student Success Solution Proven to Boost Enrollment and Persistence

  • Student disengagement and a lack of belonging are growing challenges that can profoundly affect learner outcomes and impact the growth of your school.
  • With Mainstay, you can meet students where they are with messages that inspire the next action, foster engagement, and cultivate the deep sense of belonging students need to succeed.
  • Our research-backed approach guides and supports students through every stage of their educational journey — helping you reduce staff burnout and drive positive outcomes for your institution.

Student Success, Simplified

  • Proven Approach
    • Numerous independent, randomized controlled trials have found that Mainstay consistently increases enrollment and persistence by 3-4%. By combining research-backed messaging with technology to scale reach, colleges and universities can provide unmatched support for every step of the student journey.
  • Research-backed
    • Over the last decade, Mainstay has partnered with dozens of experts and practitioners in Behavioral Science, Mindset Science, Emotional Intelligence, and Sociology of Education, to create messaging that encourages students, raises their awareness, and drives them to take the next step in their journey. 
  • Easy to use
    • Mainstay tailors student communication to your college or university context, and information and runs the platform for you, so you don’t have to learn another technology. You maintain control and strategic oversight, while our team coordinates campaigns and insights that support your goals.

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