CAO Track: Designing Effective Faculty Load Models

November 5, 2023

As faculty work has changed over time, and the need for change in higher education has accelerated, the idea/perception that faculty members have “summers off” is no longer a reality (if it ever was). The flexibility on how faculty and academic affairs staff choose to engage with the institution throughout the summer is changing: Increasing numbers of year-round program offerings have moved academia further and further from the traditional 9-month, two-semester calendar, and more institutions are hiring faculty on 12-month contracts. But what does it mean to change the thinking (and work) of a faculty member who is used to being on a 9-month appointment to including the summer months as part of their expected work? How does it affect approaches to and expectations of their work? Hear from CAOs who have already navigated this conversation, the challenges faced, and lessons learned.

Christa A. Currie, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Mount St. Joseph University (OH)
Darin Fields, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, University of Findlay (OH)
Dale H. Simmons, Provost, Simpson University (CA)
Chair: Carol Traupman-Carr, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Moravian University (PA)