Advancement Track: Optimizing Revenue in Higher Education: Taking Your Strategic Planning Process to the Next Level

November 5, 2023

Smart university leaders are thinking differently about what it means to be sustainable today. Aligning enrollment and academic goals with fundraising priorities can open compelling and modern investment opportunities for supporters that will benefit the university for years to come. During this session, enrollment and advancement leaders will share how to align academic planning, strategic enrollment planning, financial aid budgeting, and fundraising to better engage today’s savvy donors. We will address student debt load, value proposition for higher ed, and other challenges to donor engagement as well. Participants will leave with clear ideas for how to optimize the revenue streams on their campuses to ensure efforts lead to long-term sustainability.

Todd Abbott, Senior Vice President, Campus Partnerships
Greta Daniels, Senior Vice President, Fundraising Management, Ruffalo Noel Levitz