Considering Our Vocations: Circles of Reflection

March 25, 2022

This optional after-dinner session provides an opportunity for faculty members and staff at NetVUE member institutions to reflect on their own vocational journeys. Committed as we are to helping undergraduates thrive in their vocations, we do not always find enough time to “practice what we preach.” Leaders in all campus roles are invited to this time of reflection, which draws on the insights of the “Circles of Trust” model developed by Parker Palmer and the Center for Courage and Renewal. After some general introductory remarks, participants will spend an hour in a small group, designed for the purpose of quiet reflection and sharing. What has fortified your sense of calling, and what has challenged it? How have the last two years affected you vocationally? This participatory session focuses on active listening and only asks that we be willing to pause and reflect with others.

C. Hannah Schell, NetVUE Online Community Coordinator, CIC
Lori A. Walters-Kramer, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Monmouth College (IL)