Providing Support and Encouragement for the Elderly

January 7, 2023

Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) is a national, nonprofit organization with locations across the United States, committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. LBFE was founded by Armand Marquiset, whose humanitarian work of preparing meals for the homeless was inspired by experience in his native France after World War II. LBFE serves people who are over 65 years of age or differently abled through outreach, advocacy, and companionship and offers the opportunity to join the elderly in friendship and celebration of life.

Presidents Institute participants can create and decorate homemade greeting cards or use store-bought cards to mail to older adults to brighten their day. These cards are sent out monthly as well as for major holidays. Cards can be decorated however you like, but LBFE asks volunteers to avoid religious themes and messages. They also ask volunteers to avoid mention of family and friends, as many older adults are without those in their lives. LBFE encourages volunteers to bring their own greeting cards if feasible; if not, LBFE will provide them.

This activity will begin with a brief volunteer orientation with LBFE staff followed by preparing cards for those in need. With the cards made by the volunteers, the LBFE staff will be able to mail them out to their older adults, as well as include them in care packages.