Workshop: Building Institutional Support: New Approaches to Cultivating Lead Donors

January 7, 2023

(Sponsored by Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein and Rize Education)

Please note: Pre-registration is required for this workshop. Inquire at the CIC Registration Desk.

Presidential involvement in fundraising is crucial to the long-term viability of higher education institutions. The president must articulate a vision for the future of the institution and motivate and inspire others to support this vision through philanthropy. Lead and major gifts are the conduit to make a president’s vision for the future of the institution a reality. The president is in a unique position to leverage the role as the head of the institution and is ideally positioned to cultivate and solicit top donors. Painting the picture of the future requires a gift for storytelling to make donors share the dream and understand the transformative nature of their donations. Establishing donor trust that their investment will be used wisely and in a way that honors their philanthropic intent requires strong donor relationships with the institution and the president. Presidents must be visible in their support and involvement in making the vision a reality. Successful fundraising from lead donors also requires strategic management of key prospects who have the capacity for this level of giving. The chief advancement officer must work closely with the president to focus time on the most important donor calls and to plan solicitation strategies.

This session will focus on:

  • Proven techniques for identifying and growing a cadre of supporters with the inclination and capacity to make transformational gifts;
  • Guidelines for determining which prospects should reside with the president for continued relationship building and cultivation to secure a gift;
  • Leadership’s role in providing resources and oversight to ensure advancement is adequately resourced to support donor cultivation at an appropriate level to achieve the institutional vision.

Amy C. Novak, President, St. Ambrose University
Paul C. Pribbenow, President, Augsburg University
Angela E. White, Senior Consultant and CEO, Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates
Chair: Jaffus Hardrick, President, Florida Memorial University