Jenzabar is a privately owned company that delivers cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP), student information systems (SIS), a human capital management platform (HCM), and other critical services to higher education institutions of all sizes so they can evolve alongside and adapt to the rapidly changing needs of today’s learners. Jenzabar’s market-leading, award-winning solutions enable colleges and universities to find, attract, and retain best-fit students. In 2022, Jenzabar acquired Spark451, a full-service marketing and technology firm that provides comprehensive enrollment strategies and support, further strengthening Jenzabar’s goal to empower institutions with the resources and tools to identify and recruit students amid changing student demographics. With more than 30 years of experience, Jenzabar supports more than 1,350 campuses worldwide with powerful solutions that enable long-term success for both institutions and their students.