Submitting a Proposal for a Campus-Based Session

Please Note: This is a competitive selection process. Fewer than 20 one-hour slots are available for campus presentations from NetVUE’s 300 member institutions. Campus teams whose proposals cannot be accommodated may be invited to convert their plans into a breakfast roundtable session or a poster that can be displayed in the common areas at the conference.

Proposals will be evaluated and selected according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance and interest level for other NetVUE member institutions;
  • Evidence of forethought and consideration in the creation of the proposal;
  • Likely appeal of presentation methods (including audio-visual elements, if planned);
  • Contribution of the topic and presenters to the diversity of the NetVUE Conference; and
  • Adherence to the proposal guidelines for a complete application (below).

Preference will be given to proposals that combine presenters from two or more NetVUE institutions. (In such cases, please submit only one combined proposal and identify one institution as taking the lead for purposes of communication and logistics.)


Guidelines for Submitting a Campus-Based Session Proposal

Presentation proposals should include a plan for a one-hour session, including 15–20 minutes of presentation (somewhat more if small-group discussion is integrated into the presentation), complemented by a time for questions and discussion with session participants. To propose a concurrent session presentation, please submit a single document, not to exceed three pages in 12-point font, covering all seven of the points in the list below. (Please copy the boldface section labels into your document so that the completeness of your proposal can be easily recognized.)

  1. Title that describes the presentation topic or theme;
  2. Names and position titles of those who are expected to make the presentation;
  3. Biographies of each presenter, in the required size and style (follow this link for important guidance);
  4. Public description (100 words maximum) of the proposed content, suitable for publication in the conference program;
  5. Session details (two to three paragraphs) describing the session’s content, method of presentation, and any audio-visual plans (a preliminary version of any expected slide presentation is encouraged and may be attached as a separate file);
  6. Discussion questions designed to encourage conversation among session participants; and
  7. Diversity considerations, specifically, a statement of how the proposed session will contribute to the diversity of issues, participants, and perspectives at the NetVUE Conference.

Campus Session proposals should be submitted by email as a single attachment (optionally, a tentative slide presentation may be included as a second attachment) and sent to Lynne Spoelhof, NetVUE director of operations, at

Proposals must be submitted by November 17, 2023.