President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

Our sector faces many challenges and CIC is here to support you in your work by developing leaders, supporting campus success, and serving as a leading voice of independent higher education. We accomplished that over the summer through numerous programs designed for campus members at all levels. In all, over 500 campus leaders participated in CIC’s summer programs from more than 360 institutions (56% of our Institutional Members).

At a time when many faculty members are feeling overwhelmed, CIC’s summer faculty seminars provide inspiration, collegial support, and practical tools for engaging students and supporting student success. This summer, more than 100 faculty members participated in a CIC summer faculty enrichment program.

CIC offered leadership development training to more than 400 academic leaders this summer through our workshops for department chairs, our leadership academies, our unique Vocation and Institutional Mission seminar, and our new Presidential Renewal seminar.

I encourage you to take a special look at the work we are doing to create work-based learning opportunities on campus through a partnership with Riipen and the support of Ascendium Education Group and Strada Education Foundation. The project supports 25 campuses as they integrate online real-world work experience into coursework. It has a significant research component so that we learn what works well and how participating campuses can see benefits in retention, graduation rates, and career placement.

I am delighted by the initial outcomes we are seeing among our Belong members. Belong is a new CIC network focused on supporting inclusive teaching and enhancing success for all students. Faculty and staff response has been tremendous—better than we dreamed.

I am always happy to hear from you about ways CIC can support you and your campus. May the fall semester be filled with excitement and joy and may each of you find renewed energy to lead and serve. 



CIC 2023 Programming Participants

CIC ProgramParticipants
Art History Seminar19
Executive Leadership Academy Closing Seminar22
Interfaith Seminar21
Legacies Faculty Seminar20
Legacies Public History Institute14
NetVUE Faculty Seminar16
New Currents in Teaching Philosophy30
Presidential Renewal18
Presidential Vocation and Institutional Mission37
Senior Leadership Academy Closing Seminar40
Workshops for Division and Department Chairs287*
Total participants524
*total across all 4 sessions