Changing/Adapting Academic Missions: Graduate Programs and Certificates

November 7, 2023

Many CIC institutions were formed as liberal arts colleges with a primary programmatic focus on traditional undergraduate students. While some have had a limited number of “legacy” graduate programs for many years, more and more CIC institutions have begun to consider offering adult and graduate programs. This panel will examine some of the issues that institutions should consider when making these transitions and the structural and governance pros and cons for implementing and overseeing these programs. For instance, what is the process for proposing and evaluating new program ideas, including market research? What, if any, accreditation processes/requirements exist? How will institutions support the development and funding of new programs? What infrastructure is needed to support this strategic direction? What conversations need to occur with student affairs, financial aid, the registrar, admissions, marketing, advancement, IT, or others on campus? What are common pitfalls? Is this something that can be done with internal resources and expertise, or should institutions consider strategic partnerships?

Sarah Ferguson, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Texas Lutheran University (TX)
Kerry Fulcher, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Point Loma Nazarene University (CA)
Chair/Moderator: Brooke Barnett, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Butler University (IN)