Presidential Forum on Campus Free Expression

January 6, 2023

  • Beck A. Taylor portrait
    Beck A. Taylor President, Samford University
  • Matthew P. vandenBerg portrait
    Matthew P. vandenBerg President, Presbyterian College
  • Lori S. White portrait
    Lori S. White President, DePauw University
  • Marjorie Hass portrait
    Marjorie Hass President, Council of Independent Colleges

(Open only to currently serving college and university presidents.)

A panel of distinguished presidents of independent colleges and universities will lead a discussion about free expression on campus. Should campuses allow all forms of expression? How do we balance expression with institutional missions and norms? What are the policies, how are they expressed, and who sets them? How do presidents navigate expression issues with boards, the media, alumni, and other stakeholders? Presidential perspectives on issues of academic freedom and free speech will be featured in a wide-ranging conversation on such matters as the pedagogy of civil debate; the benefits and challenges of speech codes; policies regarding controversial speakers; and dealing with the media, with particular attention to the president’s role.