Rapidly Launch New Programs and Certificates with CIC’s Online Course Sharing Consortium

November 6, 2023

Discover how to maintain a competitive edge by quickly launching new in-demand programs, concentrations, or minors and enhance your academic offerings by delivering microcredentials and stackable certifications as members of CIC’s Online Course Sharing Consortium (OCSC), powered by Acadeum. This interactive session will also include a sneak peek at new features allowing you to power a Marketplace to offer credentials and training. These new opportunities create points of differentiation to help drive enrollments and better prepare students with majors that align with in-demand careers. Hear from peer institutions and get a first look at how colleges and universities are able to move quickly with curricular innovation.

Amanda Gould, Vice President of Partner Success, Acadeum
Sarah MacDonald, Director of Partner Innovation, Acadeum
Matt Trainum, Vice President for Networks and Strategic Partnerships, CIC