NetVUE Print and Digital Resources

NetVUE Online Community Network

A wealth of many NetVUE resources are housed on a separate website, which is available only to those at NetVUE member institutions and requires a login. On this site, NetVUE members have the opportunity to:

  • Share documents, audio, and video files;
  • View or download video recordings and PowerPoint presentations from NetVUE conferences and gatherings;
  • Browse print and digital resources, including books, movies, and course syllabi; and
  • Participate in the NetVUE discussion board.

The site requires members to log in, using the email address that is associated with their CIC account. (You have a CIC account if you have ever registered or applied for any NetVUE opportunity or event, or those of any other CIC program.) The Community Network site includes options for checking to see whether you have an account, and for retrieving your password if you don’t know it. If you are able to log in and are not automatically taken to the NetVUE Community, click the “Communities” tab and see whether NetVUE is listed under “My Communities.” If not, please send an email to and include your full name, title, and institution. You will be added to the roster of NetVUE community members and will then be notified that you have access to the full site.

NetVUE Scholarly Resources Project

NetVUE brings together groups of scholars who represent a wide range of intellectual traditions and who have expertise related to various issues related to vocation and calling. Each of seminar group studies a specific topic area and gathers three times over a 14-month period. Each of the three groups incorporated theological and philosophical perspectives from many traditions, compared ideas and perspectives that emerged from their common and individual readings, and completed a coordinated writing project over the course of a year.

As a result of this project, three books have been completed thus far (all published by Oxford University Press). These books and related scholarly materials have become important resources for NetVUE member institutions. A fourth volume is in the final stages of preparation, and will published by Oxford in early 2024. It is titled Called Beyond Our Selves: Vocation and the Common Good, and is edited by Erin VanLaningham, professor of English at Loras College, who serves as director of the NetVUE Scholarly Resources Project.

The NetVUE Blog at

NetVUE sponsors a publicly-accessible blog, Vocation Matters. Posts include original content from leaders at NetVUE institutions, reflections on the nature of vocational reflection, and occasional links to other relevant content on the web. The site is maintained by Stephanie Johnson, editor; for more information, send an email to

Callings: The NetVUE Podcast

NetVUE sponsors a podcast, Callings: Conversations on College, Career, and a Life Well Lived. These audio offerings explore what it means to live a life defined by a sense of meaning and purpose. They focus on the process of exploring and discerning one’s vocation, with particular emphasis on mentoring and supporting undergraduate students as they navigate the relationships among college, career, faith, and their future directions in life. “Callings” is co-hosted by John Barton and Erin VanLaningham, who also is director of the NetVUE Scholarly Resources Project.

NetVUE Webinars

NetVUE hosts a series of webinars on topics related to vocational exploration and discernment. These webinars engage leaders in various fields who share knowledge and best practices in their areas of expertise. Most webinars include practical tips for initiating, developing, or strengthening programming for students and/or professional development for faculty members and staff on NetVUE member campuses. Developing and producing these events is the responsibility of Rachel Pickett, NetVUE Webinar Facilitator. If you have suggestions for future webinars, or for any questions, she can be reached at

Click on the button below to be taken to a list of all webinars that have been offered. Most webinars are recorded; the listing provides to those recordings, which are available through the NetVUE Online Network Community Site. That site requires a login; for additional information on accessing the site, follow this link.

NetVUE offers a collection of resources to support the exploration of vocation in undergraduate education. These include a publicly-accessible blog and podcast, a wide range of webinars and workshops for members, and the NetVUE Community Network site, which includes a library of relevant books, course syllabi, audio-visual material, and materials from national and regional conferences.