NetVUE Grant Proposal Season is Here!

Proposals are currently being accepted for NetVUE’s newest grant program, which provides support for Fostering Leadership for Communities of Faith. These grants provide up to $40,000 over two years; proposals are due by December 15. For eligible member institutions, it is a perfect time to begin thinking about grant opportunities. NetVUE will soon invite proposals due in April for two continuing grant programs: one-year Professional Development Awards of up to $15,000, and three-year Vocation Across the Academy Grants that can provide funding of over $100,000 (including a donor match). NetVUE will also be announcing a new grant program designed to help institutions support students who are considering future leadership roles in faith communities.

If you are uncertain about your institution’s eligibility for these grants, please contact Lynne Spoelhof, director of NetVUE operations, at or (616) 632-1060.